Friday, August 20, 2010

Something I Love...And a Little Something Else

I need to do more homeschooling posts.  Here's something I love about homeschooling....sharpening the colored pencils while she works on her math...I love it!!  Don't ask me why...maybe the mix of colors against the background of the plain wood shavings??  Whatever it is it is very soothing to me and makes me happy to look at when I'm done.  :)  Of course I also love to hear her doing her adding and counting and so forth too....but it's not quite as colorful.  :)  Oh yeah...totally different subject, but if you love Target and amazing stamped have to do go here!  I'll be back soon!  Good weekend to you all!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Old Things, New Things

Using something old...I love watching this!

Doing something new...first soccer she really this old already?!?!  

Monday, August 2, 2010

I Have To Keep It

Ok...I know I have a lot to learn in taking pictures, but you probably get the point...this was a quilt I found at a recent estate sale that I just love!  I also love the fact that I got it for $15...a lot more than I ever spend on any one item, but it was all the cash I had left and they also let me have a huge bag of buttons with the quilt!  I asked an old man how much it was and he started at $25...come to find out as I was leaving that his wife had told another lady $35!  I came home, treated the whole quilt with a dose of oxy clean (although I've heard that a product called Orvus is much safer when treating old quilts) and was even more beautiful and bright!  I decided then and was mine...not for resale!  :)  Whoever made it took bits and pieces of sheets, pillowcases, etc and made this wonderfully colorful quilt!  My 5 yr old has even been begging for it on her bed!  I love love love it!  Do you ever find stuff you can't possibly resell?  Tell me!  Have a happy Monday!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

New Friends

Etsy has been such a blessing to me lately!  I have been working hard and not only am I having fun, but I have made a wonderful new friend!  She is the inspiration behind taking more pictures for this blog of mine. :)  I can't wait until her shop reopens today!  She even shared the news of a huge rummage sale here even though I could have been considered "competition."  :)  It was a fun time and I found something that made me very happy.  I found an entire set of very old bingo cards in their original basket with the original wooden bingo sign!  So, for my picture today, here's a glimpse of it...these are in my shop right now and I've listed them super cheap!  Tomorrow I'm going to show you a picture of something I got a few weeks ago at an estate sale and I just can't bear to resell it....I told my husband, "it just makes me too happy."  Stay tuned!