Sunday, August 1, 2010

New Friends

Etsy has been such a blessing to me lately!  I have been working hard and not only am I having fun, but I have made a wonderful new friend!  She is the inspiration behind taking more pictures for this blog of mine. :)  I can't wait until her shop reopens today!  She even shared the news of a huge rummage sale here even though I could have been considered "competition."  :)  It was a fun time and I found something that made me very happy.  I found an entire set of very old bingo cards in their original basket with the original wooden bingo sign!  So, for my picture today, here's a glimpse of it...these are in my shop right now and I've listed them super cheap!  Tomorrow I'm going to show you a picture of something I got a few weeks ago at an estate sale and I just can't bear to resell it....I told my husband, "it just makes me too happy."  Stay tuned!

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Elise said...

What a super sweet post and a great find! Love the photo too! Beautiful! Your shop rocks! Your creative life is really blossoming and it is so FUN to see!