Thursday, July 29, 2010

I Love This Girl....And Free Happiness

This is in response to this lovely lady's request for a photo-a-day challenge.  Unlike her, I do have small children, but I am aiming for a photo-a-week.  :)  If I do more than that, great, if not, then at least I've done one, right?  So, this is my lovely Kennedy roller skating on free (yes...found on the side of the road, free!) old-school roller skates!  I love her energy, her enthusiasm for new things and most of all the memories it brought back for me about my roller skating days!  These are still a size big on her, but it didn't stop her!  She has been on them all week since we found them.  Now I'm keeping an eye out for some in my size...what are the chances on that I wonder?  :)  Maybe on one of my many thrifting excursions I'll get lucky.  (By the way...when is spell check going to get with the program and realize that "thrifting" is a real word!)  So without further she is and here they are...and yes, those are butterfly wings on the side of the skates!  Can you remember holding onto the wall at the roller skating rink when you were first getting the hang of it??  I sure can!

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Elise said...

Oh my gosh! How cute is she! I love these photos and am so grateful for your friendship!