Monday, June 28, 2010

Magic Carpet Rides

Maybe it was just me, but when I was little I had quite the imagination.  I would sit in front of our humble townhouse with the only other girl in the neighborhood (on the days I wasn't playing legos or gi-joe with all the boys in the neighborhood) and we would sit our stuffed animals and whatever else on this rug with tassels on each end and pretend we were flying over the world.  It was quite a ride!  Well, the apple surely does not fall far from the tree as my precious, sweet 5 yr old comes into my room last week with this.

She had taken some fabric scraps (got a huge bag for FREE off of craigslist) and sewn them together on her own little sewing machine!  She proceeded to tell me that it was a little magic carpet for her baby bunny and she wanted me to display him on the tip top of my dresser mirror so that everyone (little does she realize nobody goes in our room except our own family) can see him flying through the air.  I LOVE   IT!!  Don't you??  I mean can it get any cuter than that?  And speaking of sewing...she's on a rampage.  She'll be way better than me by the end of the summer!  I had never told her about my magic carpet rides as a kid and she stood in amazement as I retold her something about my childhood.  Try it never love to hear about when you were a kid.  It's especially intriguing for them to hear about a time you got in trouble...not sure why. :)  Maybe they just like to know we all make mistakes at one time or another.  Anyways...this magic carpet will for sure be a handmade treasure of mine for years to come!  Maybe one day I can show it to my grandkids. :)  And yes....he's displayed at the tippy top of my dresser husband hasn't asked about it.  :)


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