Monday, June 14, 2010

I've missed this place

It's been a month!!!  I can't believe I stayed away for so long!  Here's what has been happening in a nut shell:

1.  went to visit my parents in South Carolina with the 2 little fun!!!

2.  husband went to kansas for flight refresher course for USMC...not fun

3.  I had over 30 sales in my etsy shop!!!  woo hoo!!!  (we desperately need the 2nd income...even if it's a little...i figure if I love it AND can make a bit extra then it's a win-win, right??) :)

4.  my daughter is doing "real" math in our home school curriculum!!

5.  my son used the potty more times than he ever has (he's 2 yrs 10mos old)

6.  I turned 32...yep...I'll still give out my age...probably only until I'm 35 though :)

7.  my husband actually made plans for my birthday!!  (got a babysitter, made reservations, AND took me to one of my favorite restaurants in San Diego's gas lamp district) he got major points for that!

8.  I finally own a Bunn coffee maker (if you love coffee and you don't like to wait, this coffee brewer is    AMAZING!!)

9.  I had coffee with an amazing lady from Etsy who lives in my neck of the woods!  (She is seriously the main reason I started having sales in my shop)

10.  We set off rockets with the kids (see pics) :)

I promise the next post will not be in list form!

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