Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's Been A While

Wow!  It has been a while since Beca Blythe joined our family, but she is still being treasured each and every day! :)  I have even found her some boots, had a lovely friend buy me a pattern for some clothes to make her...because let's be honest here...she's been in the same outfit for 38 years and I'm thinking she might be a bit sick of the dress she's in. :)  I cannot wait to pick out a wig for her...I've been searching ebay, etsy, etc trying to find the perfect one.  I'm sure in time I will have several for her, but the first one has to be extra special. :)  I'm not into the whole goth/punk look, but I do like some of the unnatural colors (i.e - pink,  yellow, etc.).  Let's see....I guess my favorite find since Beca Blythe has got to be this light fixture I found this weekend on the last day of an estate sale...the final hour too!!  I almost didn't go because I thought there was no way there would be anything, but there always is, isn't there? :)  The sun was already going down when we got home, so the pictures are a bit off...sorry!  But, you'll get the point...I LOVE it...orange and yellow metal sculpted flowers!  Husband wants me to sell it...I want to keep keep keep it!!  Help me out?!?!  How do you convince your significant other it's worth keeping??? :)


Barbara said...

What a very cute lamp. I wasn't sure what is was from the small pic but now I see it clearly I would have bought it too. Can you just hang it up somewhere and present the dh with a fait accompli? That's what I'd do. Oh yes I do it all the time.

Betty said...

Perhaps you could get him to agree to play "catch and release". That's what we call it when we bring something home from Goodwill we're not sure will work out. They give you two weeks to return an item. If we don't love it, we take it back and release it into the thrifting pond again. Put the lamp up and try it for a few weeks. If you really love it, maybe he will at least get used to it.