Friday, April 23, 2010


Ok...not that I think anyone is reading this, but I have been away....for way too long.  Not away in the physical sense, but in the blogging sense.  I felt that I had nobody who cared enough if I wrote or not and I was writing for people, not for me.  Well, my friend (even if I'm just saying this to myself), I am writing now for me - me, myself, and I.  Same thing goes for my Etsy shop.  I was literally depressed looking at all the cute things in other people's shops and not seeing results in my own shop.  Well, I'm sprucing it up and doing just because I want to.  I am going to give it 100% for the next 6 months and see what that does. :)  I'm also doing it out of necessity.   You see, we are not loaded.  Financially we made some HUGE mistakes along the way and now we are paying for it.  I'll spare you the details, but I am trusting God will pull us through this mess and I'm gonna do my part too...and have some fun while I'm at it....because who doesn't love Etsy and all it's amazingness!  (yes, that's a least it is here).  I have been creating and buying cool vintage stuff just for my shop.  Now...all I need is a cool new avatar for my Etsy DO all of you cool people do it??  Am I just really dumb...I can't figure out how to do it and I can't afford to pay someone either...I guess I'll be doing some research on that.  :)  Now...just in case anyone is reading this, please visit me again next week for an exciting bird cage giveaway at a very cool blog - no, not my blog silly, someone else's blog of course!   Have a great weekend!

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