Thursday, April 29, 2010


This is Toby, my son.  He is 2 1/2 yrs old and he is the source of much joy and much frustration (he's 2 AND he's a boy...need I say more?). :)  That being said, he's my son and I love the sound of that.  
I have a friend who told me prior to having my little boy that when she first held her boy for the first time, she said, "my son."  I often think of that as I spend time with him throughout the day.  He is so different from my daughter and so different from me, but I am constantly in awe of him.  I can't believe I was ever afraid that I wouldn't be able to love a boy as much as I do my daughter.  He is so precious to me and is constantly teaching me not to be such a worry wart - although yes, he does get hurt (A LOT), he never cries longer than a minute or two (even when he needed stitches).  I LOVE him...and just felt overwhelmed with love for him yesterday as he sat with on his car outside eating a cookie (recipe here), talking to the birds and doing boy stunts (he eventually moved to a standing position on the car (that's when I had to put the camera down and become a worry wart). :)  So...I thought I'd give my son a proper introduction...that's all. Have a lovely lovely weekend!  Don't forget to go here and put in a comment to win a free bird cage.

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