Sunday, May 2, 2010


We had an amazing event in our living room tonight!  It was a live banjo concert from one of our dearest friends and our children didn't wait long to get in on the festivities!  I rarely show pics from our house because in the past I've been too embarrassed of how little our house might look and how bad I am at decorating, and what horrible picture taking skills I have (yes, I had to use a flash on the 2nd was too dark without it and I had to capture the moment), but forget it!  Due in large part to Beth Moore and her new book (yes, I attended the simulcast), I've been living my life much differently!  I have a home and we have lovely friends and I adore my children, so I'm gonna share more from my home. :)  An older couple that befriended us when we first moved to San Diego and have been mentors to us for over 5 years now came over for dinner.  First of all let me say that they didn't just come over for dinner...they brought all the food with them!!  It doesn't get much better than that!!  They really are like surrogate grandparents for my kids since my parents and my husband's parents live so far away.  Anyways, the man is a born musician...can literally pick up any instrument and not only play it, but play it extremely well and play anything by ear!!  I can play some instruments but only with music and because of many years of lessons.  Anyways...this past week someone gifted him with a banjo and although he claims he hadn't played one since college, it was like we had just entered backstage to a live banjo concert when he opened up the case tonight and started to play.  My daughter ran to her room to get her ukulele (more for decoration than it can really be played) and my son grabbed his plastic drum!  It was beautiful music in my living room and I do not believe there is anyone who can hear a banjo without smiling.  My heart sang for joy to listen and watch the live entertainment.  We are so blessed!  I'm so thankful to God tonight for amazing friends, yummy food, my children, and banjos!  :)  (Oh yes...and if anyone wants to know who made that bright and cheery dress my daughter is's this girl!  Isn't she talented?!?!)

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Just me.....Shelly said...

you are too sweeet.....she looks absolutely DARLING playing along.....I love how children LOVE music!

Happy day, my friend!