Thursday, December 11, 2008

AWESOME GIVEAWAY...and a short update.

Ok...I have found the coolest site...there are giveaways all the time and this one in particular caught my eye and I really want it!!  Go check it out at  

I also wanted to let people know what is going on with our court stuff.  Tomorrow morning at 9am we will know what the judge will decide about custody of my step daughter.  We had court today and it wasn't pretty.  Both sides got attacked by the judge and I had to hear all about the sins of my youth as if I am still that person.  We had the support of a few close friends that stayed all day with us in court and if it weren't for them I don't know if I could have handled the words that were being spoken.  At the end of the day the judge was unable to come to a decision so we were told to return tomorrow morning.  If you happen to read this tonight or in the morning, please keep us in your prayers as this has been emotionally exhausting and we are trying to be open to whatever God's will is.  

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