Friday, June 12, 2009


Wow...2 posts in a week....this might be a new record....or rather a new beginning.  :)  So, my husband has been deployed now for close to 6 months and in a short time (sometime in July) we will be reunited in Hawaii!!!  Yes, Hawaii....aghhhhh the epitome of tropical paradise....right?  I'm just guessing because I've never actually been there!!  My first time in Hawaii will be with my husband of almost 6 years and WITHOUT kids!!!'s almost too exciting to think about.  It has been consuming my every thought.  We try to have a date night every month when he's here, but this will be 4 nights in a row without children and post-deployment.  I don't think I've been this giddy since high school about an upcoming event. honor of my fast approaching trip and my endless thoughts of walking on amazing beaches and just being with my man I am going to have a progressive sale in my Etsy shop.  Starting tonight, Friday, June 12th and continuing with each Friday until I leave on my trip, I will be discounting my entire shop by 10%.  This will be like an exciting count down for me and hopefully fun for my customers as well.  Whatever I add to my shop between now and then will be included in the sale at whatever the current discount is.  Don't worry...I will let you know when it's the final week.  All prices will return to normal after I return from my trip!  Oh yeah...don't forget my shop name is Becaruns.  

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