Monday, June 29, 2009


Ok...I know there are some people coming to see what my "Anticipation Sale" in my Etsy shop is all about, so please at least say "hi" while you're might get some freebies if you comment and make a purchase! Needless to say another week (or so) has gone by and the sale is now up to 30% off any purchase in my shop! Yep...only 3 weeks until I see my husband in Hawaii!!! Come on...there's some good stuff in there!! I'm adding more stuff tonight too. I have to save some more for my trip and unfortunately I'm trying to pay off debt. It's bad and I've finally decided to be honest with myself and get rid of it for good! I've been reading all these frugal blogs and books and I'm ready!! It'll be rough, but it's gonna be so worth it! I'll keep you involved and let you know how I'm progressing. I already feel a sense of relief just telling all you blog readers/visitors out there! But, first and foremost is my trip...and no, we really can't afford the trip, but I've already bought the tickets and my husband and I haven't seen each other in 7 months!! Yes...I believe we deserve it...we certainly won't be going on another trip for quite a while. Oh...and no, I didn't have my kids pose just for this post, but it fit so perfectly...she was off to her first day of Vacation Bible School and little brother had to copy her, so they both stood there and waved at me. I know I'm no photographer, but pictures make blogs so much better, right? go take a look around my shop...please?? :)

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