Monday, June 15, 2009

He still has it worse, today was one of those horrible, rotten, no-good days.  It started that way and ended that way with hardly anything in between.  The kids were just awful.  They were disobedient, mischievous, mean, etc.  So...what did the day end like?  We ate dinner outside because I didn't want to clean up any more messes and they were given baths at 630pm. At 730pm they were out cold.  On these types of days when my husband is deployed and I think I have it way worse than he does....I have to think again.  I still get to go to sleep in my own bed and I get to use a real bathroom.  I can sit outside in the wonderful southern CA weather and enjoy the sunset.  I can wear whatever I want and I can eat whatever I want.  I can still enjoy all these things and more on my worst days.  He can not.  So....I leave you with a request.  Take a moment to enjoy your freedoms...especially on your bad days and please remember to pray often for what these men and women are giving up so that we can have an abundant life.  I also leave you with what I call my "Top Gun" photo of my husband and a photo of my daughter learning to read.  My main reason for the picture of my daughter is to remind me that there are highlights of a week even if there are bad days throughout it. :) 

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